Guide to Formatting Your Book Manuscript


To ensure that your book manuscript is properly formatter, you don’t need any fancy writing software. As long as you follow a few simple rules, agents and publishers will accept what you have to publish. Below are some tips in formatting your book manuscript for submission. Learn more about writing, go to this site here.

Make sure you use double space and not 1.5 spaces or 1.75 spaces. If you find your manuscript too long, don’t change spacing. You simply need to edit the manuscript. You can’t trick the publisher since they won’t read it unless it is double spaced. It is easier to read and edit double spaced text. Find out for further details on this link right here.

Don’t leave out page numbers.

Don’t bind your manuscript. Sometimes publishers need to photocopy the manuscript when more than one person will read it. This will be difficult if your manuscript is bound. Instead, use rubber bands. Having page numbers will make it easier for them to put back the pages if it gets scattered accidentally.

Don’t use the two sides of a paper. This makes photocopying complicated. It also makes your manuscript look shorter. It affects readability since type often shows on the other side. If it is unbound and there is type on both sides, then it can make your publisher confused. You should make the publisher’s reading experience easy.

Use 12-point type. This is not a hard fast rule. It just makes the text more readable. Don’t use very large font if you have written too few words, or very small font to fool publishers into thinking that your manuscript is short. Take  a look at this link  for more information.

Avoid shrink-wrap. Better use a padded envelope instead. It is safer and even if the paper tears, it will not affect your content.

Put the name and/or title on each page. Use the header/footer tool in Microsoft Word. Don’t make your header more than one line.

Cover page is necessary. It should include your name, mailing address, email address, phone number and a copyright date to protect yourself. You contact information should be in your cover letter. It will help a published contact your afterwards.

Don’t put pictures or colors. Your cover page should only include the things mentioned above.

Pay for return postage if you want your manuscript back from the publishers. Enclose a padded envelope with stamps on it.

If you are a good writer you can break rules. But the presentation of your manuscript is very vital. It is about business and not writing. Don’t break the rules no matter how you beautiful you think your binding looks. Note though that for formatting, a software may be worthwhile for many forms of writing.


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